HHE Express

Aqqusinersuaq 14B
Mailbox 1052
3900 Nuuk
Telephone +299 34 80 10

Restaurant and parties

Please direct bookings and inquiries regarding parties and our restaurants to our restaurant manager: Telephone +299 34 80 00


Please direct bookings and inquiries regarding hotel rooms, prices, facilities etc. to our reception:
Telephone +299 34 80 10

Seminar and conferences

Please direct bookings and inquiries regarding seminars and conferences to our seminar and conference department:
Telephone +299 34 80 00

Administration and finance

Please direct inquiries regarding administrative matters and inquiries to our finance department or management to the administration at Hotel Hans Egede A/S:
Telephone +299 34 80 05

PR, functions and special events

Please contact our PR and events department concerning inquiries in regard to PR, functions and events via: E-mail:

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